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Back in 2016 I purchased 2 suits from Star tailor house while on holiday and till this day I still wear the suits. Quality is great as is the customer service. Just recently I made an order for another suit from measurements I had taken 4 years ago. I requested a tiny adjustment on the shoulder and they were able to accommodate my needs. The suit fits perfect and I am very happy with it. Even through covid they still deliver the great customer service and quality suit. I’m in Australia and delivery was very fast. Thanks again
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Bonus k

I have made my suite from Star Tailor House, Great customer service, reasonable price in Patong. Highly recommend.
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Dev is a true professional at his craft

Dev at Star Tailor House does a fantastic job providing great clothes for good prices.
They have lots of fabrics of different style, color, and material. The fitting was easy and the fit is perfect. I had two sport coats made and two pair of trousers. I could not be happier! I highly recommend Star Tailor House Phuket!
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Dan P

Dev is a true professional at his craft

Dev is a true professional at his craft. He thinks of every little detail and walks you through step by step in picking it out. He has so many choices that it can be overwhelming at times to pick out exactly what you are looking for. Dev knows his stuff and he knows what makes a well made suit. I highly recommend either stopping into his shop or reaching out to him through FaceTime to get perfectly tailored clothes. I have done multiple orders from the US and everything has fit perfectly
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Sarah B

Star Tailor House is fantastic

Star Tailor House is fantastic. I visited three years ago in person and recently got 4 pairs of trousers made and shipped to me straight to the US. The pants are extremely high quality and their measurements are very precise. I highly recommend them. Please support this wonderful business that has worked hard to keep their doors open through the closure of Patong Beach.
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