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Johnny Cuz

I first met Dev and his family two years ago when we (my wife and I) visited their shop in Phuket, in 2019. Back then I ordered/bought 3 suits, 2 pair of pants, a vest, and several ties. The value and quality of the material for what I paid was exceptional. Then a few months ago, I received an email from Dev saying he was coming to the US and was wondering if I would like to check out his trunk show in NYC.

In early September I met up with Dev in NYC and ended up purchasing 4 suits, 4 pair of pants, one vest, and 4 ties. Last week my package from Star Tailor House showed up and I could not believe how great a job they did with the packaging. Not only did I get everything I ordered, all custom fit and custom tailored, I was surprised to learn Dev threw in a few extra ties as well as 4 handmade cotton masks that match the suits. OUTSTANDING!!!

If you get to Phuket, Thailand a visit is to Star Tailor House is a must! Dev and his family are gracious and make you feel comfortable, treating us like family. They experts at what they do! The best thing I can say regarding my personal experience with Star Tailor House, in and out of the US is that the shop is a true haberdashery. Hopefully Dev will come to NJ next time and save me the trip into NYC. The suits and pants ALL FIT HANDSOMELY! Again, exceptional quality and craftmanship. I will continue to purchase my suits from Star Tailor House! Keep up the great work.

Dev, when this COVID thing is finally over, we hope to see you and your family in the Phuket shop. If not, let me know when your next trip to US will be. THANK YOU for making me look and feel great!

Giovanni & Diane

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Christian Mabley

Star Tailor House has always done right by me. Excellent service and product. Make sure to pay Dev and the team a visit. You will not be disappointed with the workmanship and design. I speak this highly of them because I first went in 2017, wore my clothes damn near every day and they held up for my teaching experiences in Vietnam and in China. This year, I was unfortunate to be in Thailand because of COVID. However, Dev came to Arizona and we met up for ordering some much-needed dress clothes. I had gained some weight from being in lockdown and I felt comfortable with him so I gave it a try. The style is on point, and the level of comfort is impeccable. Definitely, a must if you need to step up your appearance. #Happycustomer #startailorloyal

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Jan JanJanJan

Excellent advisory and high-quality fabrics

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Kendall Brown

Dev and his team deliver stunning, custom bespoke tailoring and I could not ask for a better experience. He is so kind and personable and I am constantly impressed by the quality and efficiency of his work. I love that I can just call and he had all measurements kept safe for future needs. My boyfriend looks incredible in Dev’s designs and is so pleased with his craftsmanship. I can’t believe how quickly the products turned around and were sent to Nashville. Perfect in time for Christmas! Thank you Dev and team! We will use you many years to come!

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