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Mar 2022
I was looking around for which tailor to visit and have to say I am delighted that I went for Star Tailor. I bought 7 shirts and the quality is obvious. To be clear, they are not the cheapest (probably far from the cheapest), but you pay for quality. And in this case it was absolutely worth it. As soon as you enter the shop you get the feeling of the quality of the place and I was not disappointed with the results. Highly highly recommended



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Micah Roberts

Mar 2022 • Couples
Dev does great work, good selection of material, fast service. Prices are competitive, but the attention to detail and the customer service was top notch. Highly recommend Star Tailor House


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Feb 2022 • Couples
Great service and excellent attention to detail. They made getting a suit a great experience. We weren’t able to meet in person to get fitted, but they were able to walk us through and show how to properly measure for the fit. Dev and his team are truly the best!



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Zach L

Jan 2022 • Couples
Great experience at Star Tailor House in Patong. Having never been to Thailand or done a made to measure suit, Dev made the experience very easy and streamlined. I had two suits, a tuxedo, and three blazers made to measure with high quality fabric and from start to finish they were done in 4 days. Dev was also nice enough to package them in a travel-friendly manner and dropped them off at my hotel. It was truly a pleasure, thank you!


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