How to measure video tutorial

Measurement Form for Men

Should you have an image of yourself that can be emailed to us, please do so, as this will help us proportion the item better. If you do have access to a digital camera or scanner, please email us front and side silhouette images for better results. Or you can upload your image at the last step when you fill your contact information.

Step 1 : Please fill the information below

Front Jacket Length (Lower)

Measure from lower end of shoulder seam to length (required)

Front Jacket Length (Upper)

Measure from the upper end of the shoulder where it joins the neck to the length (required)

Jacket Length in Back

Measure from lower collar seam to length (required)

Coat Length

Measure from collar seam to length (required)


Measure around body up under arm


Measure around stomach at widest point


Measure around waistline at height at which you wear your pants


Measure around hips at widest point of seat (measure somewhat loosely)

Full Shoulders

Measure across back from outside of one shoulder to other

Half Shoulder

Measure from top shoulder seam to end of shoulder seam


Measure sleeves from shoulder seam to length required (allow for padding)


Measure across the front above the bust from where one arm joins the torso to where other arm joins the torso


Measure across back from joining of one arm to joining of the other


Measure around neck

Trousers Length

Measure from top of waist line to bottom of cuff

Trousers Inseam

Measure inseam from crotch to bottom of cuff

Trousers "U" Crutch

Measure from the top of the waistband in the front to the top of the waistband in the back



Measure around thigh at widest point

Trousers Required Cuffs

Measure width around cuff

Vest Length

Measure from lower collar seam to length desired

Step 2 : Select the pictures nearest to your figure

 Regular Shoulders

 Sloping Shoulders Long Neck

 Square Shoulders Short Neck

 Normal Posture


 Forward Stoop

 Forward Stomach


What off the rack size do you wear: Height: Weight:

Step 3 : Please tell us about how you do the measurement process

You have taken the size...

 Very exactly Comfortably Very Loosely Other:

How do you wear your trousers? (Please look at you silhouette in the mirror to answer this question.)

 Straight across Lower in the front Lower in the back Lower on the sides

You like your clothes to be...

 Snug Comfor Comfortable Loosely comfortable Very loose Very baggy

Step 4 : Please fill your contact information

If you have any special instructions about how you would like your clothes to fit, or anything that you think would help us to determine your measurements, please add them here. Also, for special considerations, like different sleeve lengths for left and right arms or one shoulder lower than the other, please indicate that here. It is recommended that for large sizes, for the sake of better proportioning, the FLEXED BICEP CIRCUMFERENCE and the ARMHOLE circumference be included in the comments field below as well.

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