Roma R

Great place to get custom suits
Dev is very very professional!!, got 2 suites and really happy with them.
Will buy again on next visit
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I went there as my 3 sons were very pleased with several suits and shirts tailored at Star Tailor. Anyway they all looked great in the suits and shirts from Star Tailor. I was very impressed.

I had problems with my suits & shirts off the shelf. At Star Tailor all my issues such as suitable collar for my thick neck, big cuffs to suit my big hands & watch, sleeves length and baggy shirts were all resolved.

I bought a total of 2 suits, 7 shirts and 2 pants, tailored to my satisfaction. Vert professional measurement.

For less hassle, I recommend that you bring the shirt, pants and shoe that you can fit in and from there on tell Mr Dav what is needed. It will be a breeze. You can also specify your needs such as coin pockets and so on.

Go see Mr. Dev as he is an excellent chap. He also recommended colours and fabric.


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Elias B

I am very happy with the suit I bought. The service and advice was very good and even small adjustments were made afterwards. Highly recommended if you are looking for a tailor in Phuket.


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Ian Jackson

Dev and his team at Star Tailor House in Patong provided an excellent service from start to finish. I purchased a suit and a sportscoat with measurement, design & material choices, cut, production and fittings completed in just 5 days. The fit is perfect and I would highly recommend Star Tailor House as your first choice tailor in Phuket.

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Carl Smith

Really happy with Dev’s professionalism, eye for detail, quality and skill that is ingrained into the navy over coat I purchased from Star Tailor House! Really appreciate the work and no doubt you will hear from me when I require another clothing item.

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Nate Johnson

Dev is the best in Phuket! Very professional and clearly knows his craft. He is worth every penny!

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Isaac Rivière

I got three suits and three shirts made here. The service by dev and his colleagues from start to finish was amazing and dev was super helpful with everything from styling to the fabrics and linings that would best match. It was also a very quick process, I wasn’t in any hurry but from start to finish was only 3-4 days. The final product looked amazing and I could not be more happy.

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George I.

My experience from start to end was amazing! Dev and team were very accommodating and hospitable when I visited their store. He listened to my preferences and was accommodating of them, and also gave some really good suggestions. I ended up leaving with 1 overcoat, 2 suits and 3 shirts. The quality is great and the fit is impeccable. Honestly can’t wait to reorder more suits. Best of all, Dev even kindly suggested places for us to visit in Phuket. Highly recommended!


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From the minute I contacted Dev to the final stage of walking out of the shop with 2 suits, Dev and team have been responsive, paying attention to details and making sure that the suits were delivered on time.

My son and I love our suits. Excellent craftsmanship and stylish.

Check out Star Tailor House on Google, FB or IG!





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This was a fantastic experience from start to finish. Dev was amazing, explaining every step of the process and answering all my questions. I purchased a navy suit and a sports coat and the fit is superb. I would highly recommend Star Tailor House.



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