I went there as my 3 sons were very pleased with several suits and shirts tailored at Star Tailor. Anyway they all looked great in the suits and shirts from Star Tailor. I was very impressed.

I had problems with my suits & shirts off the shelf. At Star Tailor all my issues such as suitable collar for my thick neck, big cuffs to suit my big hands & watch, sleeves length and baggy shirts were all resolved.

I bought a total of 2 suits, 7 shirts and 2 pants, tailored to my satisfaction. Vert professional measurement.

For less hassle, I recommend that you bring the shirt, pants and shoe that you can fit in and from there on tell Mr Dav what is needed. It will be a breeze. You can also specify your needs such as coin pockets and so on.

Go see Mr. Dev as he is an excellent chap. He also recommended colours and fabric.