Good not great
Dec 2022 • Solo
Good not great.

The suit and 5 shirts I had made were meeting expectations, no real complaints at all, they fit well. He delivered to my hotel at request. No complaints as I said, just the price compared to others was not as good. I was able to find better quality for 2/3 to 1/2 the price. Maybe it was my country that change the price (USA) maybe the cost is normal.

Star tailor is good value compared to western/euro tailor but not the best value for quality in Phuket. I have many suit for many country custom tailor so I know what I am talking about.

Go to star tailor, you won’t be disappointed…but shop around a bit. If they are the best you find you won’t be disappointed. I made one stop and purchased, second place provided better quality and pricing. I won’t mention the other shop as star tailor was okay service, just not as good as some other places. My mail orders to my home country won’t come from star tailor house, not because I cannot afford but because value for
Money better elsewhere in Phuket.