Tom F

Oct 2022 • Friends
Hello all,

I was with my buddy 5 days in Phuket and since we both work in the bank and I have had the pleasure of custom suits before, my buddy had picked out the tailor in Patong for us. We made an appointment and was welcomed to it very nicely. We got what to drink and could also look around quite relaxed. The advice from Dev was the hammer and his fabrics and styles very high quality. We decided on the first appointment how our shirts and my friend’s suit should look like and made a follow-up appointment for the fitting. By the time I got back the next day, the shirts were ready and my buddy’s suit was basically ready as well. This suit convinced me so much that I wanted to have one made myself so I wouldn’t miss out on this quality and service. I had very special wishes with high standing lapels and with aligners. Kev was able to fulfill these wishes with flying colors. When we came for the final fitting the suits were perfect and everything was excellent. Kev also took pictures with us to advertise Instagram and co, which I also found very nice and we had a lot of fun.

In summary, we can say that the quality and service are unique. I would never have expected it on Phuket, but the quality was far better than the suits I had made in China. Although we only had 5 days we were even able to take the suits with us at the end and even got a tie and pocket square as a gift. KEv is probably the coolest guy in Phuket and the service is incomparable. I recommend everyone to get a suit done with him. U will love it!!!

Tom Franke