After wearing my suits and shirts for two weeks, I am ready to give a honest feedback. It starts with the most important thing. Dev is really a professional when it comes to suits and style. Trust his advices. All the advices he gave me even with colors or fabrics which i did not like at first, turned out in to compliments from people. The little bit more pricey fabrics are more comfortable, specially if it’s hot summer. He was the first who suggested me to have an extra pants with each suit and it completely makes sense. With suits in the past I always had the problem that the pants are done and the jacket was still completely fine. I was to ignorant to think about that in the past. He is also very accurate to choose the right sizes. All in one I’m sure you can do much cheaper in Phuket but I think it will not make up Dev’s professionalism and worthy advices. Thank you Dev I am very happy with my 4 suits and 8 shirts all costum made!