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Star Tailor House - Bespoke Tailor Phuket. Best tailor in Phuket, Patong tailor, Tailor in Phuket

Amazing work and amazing guy. The business has been in Dev’s (owner) family for generations. He grew up in the shop and has been designing suits and doing alterations since he was a baby.

We started with just a couple shirts, a custom dress (based off a photo we brought in) and linen pants, but when we went back for a fitting, the clothes looked so good that we ordered a full suit, more shirts and another pair of pants.

Dev really knows what he’s doing and his customer service is unmatched. Even if you don’t need anything (shirt, suit, dress, ect.) it’s worth getting a bespoke, quality piece for your closet. The difference between custom and off the rack is astounding, and the price you will pay by going to Dev/Star Tailor House is MUCH less than you would pay for in the US.

Tip – get a least one pair of pants and one shirt. Once Dev has your measurements, he can make new items for you and ship them to wherever you live around the world.

We can’t wait to go back and order many many more items from Dev to the US.